Turquoise Magnesite 16
Turquoise Magnesite with a Wing Penant

Turquoise Magnesite 16" Necklace with a Wing Penant

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Turquoise Magnesite Gemstones with a Wing Pendant featuring silver hearts and Austrian Swarovski Crystal
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Turquoise Magnesite Gemstones with a Wing Pendant featuring silver hearts and Austrian Swarovski Crystal
Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral that occurs commonly in rhombohedral crystals and also in sediment, hydrothermal veins and metamorphic rocks which means it forms commonly from the alteration of magnesium-rich rocks during low grade metamorphism while they are in contact with carbonate-rich solutions. Magnesite has the same crystal structure of calcite, hence its inclusion into the calcite mineral group. Many of the properties of Magnesite are either identical or similar to those of calcite. However, the magnesium ion does not allow the carbonate ion (CO3) to interact as easily with cold acids, as the calcium ion does in calcite. This provides the best means of distinguishing Magnesite from calcite. It is commonly collected as a rare mineral and sometimes faceted into a gemstone. Designed to be worn as a 16" necklace or on your boots. Built on stainless steel wire and double crimped to withstand the stress of being on your boots.

Magnesite, the Zodiac birthstone for Aquarius, is a soft stone ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 on Moh’s scale. Because of this, it can be easily dyed most any color.  Natural stones are most frequently found is shades of white or gray but can also be found in yellow, browns or even pale pink or lilac. It can be found in Austria, Brazil, Korea, China and in the US in California.

Magnesite is thought to have a calming and relaxing effect. It brings resilience and patience as well as promoting a positive attitude towards life. It is also said to “assist in awakening the mind to communication from the heart”.  It is said that if a Magnesite stone is placed on the forehead one can feel a rhythmic, pulsing energy as it triggers the opening of the “third eye” of the mind.  It may be due to the high magnesium content that Magnesite is said to aid both the emotional and physical bodies in “relaxing and releasing” stored tension or stagnation.  It is said to help relieve constipation, muscle spasms and chronic muscular tension caused by stress. It is also thought to enhance brain function, soothe sensitive skin and heal fibroid tumors. 

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