Red Rainbow Jasper 16" Necklace with a Turtle Pendant and Swarovski Crystal
Rainbow Red Jasper / Turtle / Swarovski

Red Rainbow Jasper 16" Necklace with a Turtle Pendant and Swarovski Crystal

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Red Rainbow Jasper / Turtle / Swarovski

Red Rainbow Jasper Necklace with a Turtle Pendant and Austrian Swarovski Crystal. This 16" Necklace can be worn on your boots. Designed to be worn as a 16" necklace or on your boots. Built on stainless steel wire and double crimped to withstand the stress of being on your boots.

Jasper is said to aid in calming and focusing the mind making it easier for us to deal with the details of life with efficiency and good humor. Like Jasper, we humans are all made up of different layers and those layers sometimes cause us to get caught up in our own busy worlds, humming away in our own little bubbles. Add in all the technology around us and the constant hum of everyone else’s layers that can distract us and we can see why it is easy to get disconnected from what is real. Jasper, in all its earthy loveliness, is a good reminder to stay grounded and to stay connected to the earth and to the universal hum of old Mother Nature. 

Jasper is a microcrystalline silicon dioxide mineral and is variety of quartz whose microcrystals are laid out like grains of sugar rather than in a fibrous way as they are in Chalcedony. The colors found in Jasper are a result of fine grained mineral impurities. The specific variety of Jasper is determined by the type of foreign materials contained within. The name, Jasper, comes from a Greek word meaning “spotted stone” no doubt due to the variety of patterns and layers seen in Jasper. These patterns form from volcanic flow during the stones development, yielding different colored bands or swirls in the rock. There are many varieties and colors of Jasper, including, but not limited to: Gray, Red, Silver Line, Alligator, Dalmatian, Aqua Terra, Cappuccino, Iron Zebra, Ocean, Paintbrush, Picture, Picasso, Polka Dot, Snakeskin, Rainforest, Wood and Turtle. Most, if not all of these varieties, get their names from their visual appearance. Jasper is found worldwide with substantial mines found in Venezuela, North Africa, Sicily, Russia, France, India, Germany and the United States 

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