Full Quill Ostrich vs Print Ostrich

Ostrich Western Boots - one of the most desirable exotic skins boots in the world because it is not only beautiful, it is one of the most durable skins available. A top rate Ostrich skin is one of the finest quality exotic leather you can buy. It's tough, pliable, and soft making it great for boots. Boots made with Ostrich skin are one of the most comfortable you can wear, and they last forever. Ostrich skin has natural oils that help it resist cracking and keeps it soft and comfortable. The unique look of a full quill Ostrich boot makes it one of our best selling western boots.

Print Ostrich Western Boots, what are they? A lot of us like the look of a pair of ostrich boots, but they are not cheap, so to achieve a similar look boot makers designed an Ostrich look and stamp it on leather during the tanning process to achieve an Ostrich look on leather. This approach gives you the look of Ostrich at a very affordable price. Ostrich leather is unique and you can't make leather look like the real thing. The quill points on the skin where the feathers were growing are almost impossible to duplicate, but many print boot are very attractive.

This is another boot where the skins are getting very expensive, most come from Australia or South Africa and are farm raised. Again as with other exotic skins the import fees and government interference have driven the prices very high.

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