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Shabby Chic V-Toe> 12
Shabby Chic V-Toe> 12" Brown

Shabby Chic V-Toe> 12" Brown

On sale: $229.95 $169.95
Retail Price:$229.95
You Save:$60.00(26%)
Shabby Chic V-Toe> 12" Brown
Part Number: 81761-10
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Leather Lining: Full Genuine Leather For Added Comfort And Durability
Feature: Brown
Feature: C-Toe 12" Shaft 11/2 Heel
Feature: Made at the Ferrini Factory in Mexico

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Handmade Shabby Chic Wedding Boot in Shabby

Handmade Quality and Value at Affordable Prices

Mandala boot is a good fit for any occasion. Many women choose this boot for their wedding and wedding parties either in the white or the shabby colors. This is a quality boot at an affordable price, it's very soft and has a fine grain to give the boots a high quality look and feel. The boot has a very classy style with leather soles and a walking heel. The shaft carries the foot pattern all the way to the top of the boot. This boot is very durable and the high quality craftsmanship delivers a boot that can be worn for all occasions.

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