How to Determine the Correct Size when ordering boots

The only sure way is to measure both of your feet to determine their size. 

Once you know the size of your feet, you can order the correct size boot. Any other technique and you could order the wrong size boot.

What size do you want?

Even if all shoes and boots were made to consistent sizes and you wore a size 10 shoe, you wouldn't always want a size 10 boot. 

You might want to wear extra heavy boot socks or multiple pairs of socks in cold weather or for extra cushioning. In that case you'd order the boots a half to full size larger than your foot size and also go up one width.

Remember, you can always adjust the fit of a boot which is too big, but if it is too small, there is no way to make it larger! Boots will not stretch in length, they will stretch a small bit in width. It is better to get boots too large than too small.

How to adjust a boots fit

There are several ways you can adjust the fit.

1.    Change the thickness of the socks worn with the boots.

2.    Two pairs of socks can be used if needed.

3.    Adjust the thickness of the cushioned insole insert.

4.    Adjust the size of the heal insert.

5.    Thinner socks can be worn if the boots are too tight.

Interesting things about your feet: They swell a bit later in the day. As we get older our feet tend to grow a little larger, half to in some cases a full size. Measure both feet and use the measurement for the larger foot.

Follow these steps for each foot:

Open the following pdf size gauge you need and print the gauge, it is two pages so you will have to tape it together, but the marks are set so it is easy to do. Just follow the instructions to assure a correct fit. 

Men's Size Chart

Women's Size Chart

Children's Size Chart

The foot size gauge above are the best way to measure your foot, but if you do not have a printer us the method below: 

How to measure your foot

You can measure your own foot size using these instructions and the tables below. 

You will need the following:

  1. A sheet of paper to draw an outline of your foot
  2. A pencil
  3. A measuring tape or ruler
  4. Socks like you plan to wear with the boot
    1. Sit in a chair with the foot firmly placed on a piece of paper large enough to allow you to trace around the entire foot. Your leg should be tilted slightly forward so it will not interfere with the pencil as you trace around your heel.
    2. Trace around the foot with a pencil held perpendicular to the paper at all times. Keep the pencil right against the foot while tracing.
    3. Now measure the length and width of the tracing at the widest points.
    4. The tracing will be slightly larger than your feet because of the thickness of the pencil. Subtract 0.2 Inches from each measurement to compensate for the thickness of the pencil.
    5. Compare your foot size to the Size Chart using your actual measurement and find the corresponding size.

Men's Foot Size to Shoe Size

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