Blue Howlite 16" Necklace with a Pink & Yellow Butterfly Pendant
Pink & Yellow Butterfly

Blue Howlite 16" Necklace with a Pink & Yellow Butterfly Pendant

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Blue Howlite Gemstones with a Pink & Yellow Butterfly, Highlighted by Austrian Swarovski Crystal

This handmade Howlite necklace is designed as a necklace with heavy duty construction for wear as boot jewelry if you are in the mood. Designed to be worn as a 16" necklace or on your boots. Built on stainless steel wire and double crimped to withstand the stress of being on your boots.

While first discovered in Canada, Howlite can be found in many areas of North America with the largest deposits in California. It is a very soft stone with a score of 3.5 on Moh’s scale. Today Howlite is found in a variety of colors. These colored stones are actually dyed.  The soft stone can accept dyes quite easily.


Howlite is the Zodiac birthstone for the witty and spontaneous Gemini. A gemstone thought to be nothing more than a nuisance in a gypsum quarry when first discovered has come to have quite a good reputation with those looking for therapeutic benefits. It is said to eliminate anger, stress and pain, as well as stabilize calcium levels in the body. Howlite is believed to have many uses to aid in stabilizing the mind. It is known to enhance memory and knowledge, as well as prevent procrastination. It is also thought to support reasoning, patience and tact. 

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