Belvedere 24V Zante in Black Genuine Shark
Belvedere 24V Zante in Black Genuine Shark

Belvedere 24V Zante in Black / Navy / Tobacco Genuine Shark

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Belvedere 24V Zante in Genuine Shark
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Feature: Today, the Zante is reminiscent of all the ideal qualities of a driving shoe.
Feature: The Zante comes in three colors: Black/Navy/Tobacco. Made from genuine Shark, it has a leather lining and cushion insoles.
Feature: But, the Zante is also an evolved version of the driving shoe. The Zante is made from genuine shark leather, which gives it a unique texture.
Feature: Genuine Lizard is top of the line quality. It is very comfortable and is designed to last.
Feature 5 Leather Lining, Cushion Insole, Leather sole with leather insert.

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Belvedere 24V Zante in Black/Navy/Tobacco Genuine Shark
Handmade Quality and Value at Affordable Prices

These driving shoes are DISCONTINUED, when this stock is gone they will be gone forever.

The driving shoe first emerged in the 1960s to coincide with the rise of Italian luxury cars. Designers came up with a modified loafer design made from soft leather. A unique feature of these shoes were the pebbles or small protrusions on the sole of the shoe. They were there to serve a functional purpose. Drivers could press on the pedals without exerting too much pressure on their feet.

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