Aventurine Green with Ship Wheel Pendant
Aventurine Green with Ship Wheel Pendant

Aventurine Green 16" Necklace with a Ship's Wheel Pendant

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Aventurine Green gemstones with a Pewter Ship Wheel Pendant and Austrian Swarvoski Crystal
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Handmade Aventurine Green gemstones with a Pewter Ship Wheel Pendant and Austrian Swarvoski Crystal

The name Aventurine stems from the Italian phrase “a ventura”, meaning by chance.  Aventurine is a type of microcrystalline quartz containing tiny inclusions of shimmering minerals.  A sparkling effect is the result of these inclusions.  This effect is also known as “aventurescence”.  The stone may also have a silver luster caused by mica inclusions or it may have a reddish or grayish luster resulting from hematite inclusions.  Aventurine scores a 6.5 to a 7 on Moh’s scale.  Deposits of this lovely gem are found in Russia, Tanzania, Chile, India, Spain and Austria.  While its most common color is green you may also see specimens in blues or even reds. Designed to be worn as a 16" necklace or on your boots. Built on stainless steel wire and double crimped to withstand the stress of being on your boots.

Given the root of its name, it is not surprising that Aventurine is considered to be a good luck charm.  Green Aventurine is a favorite among gamblers because it is considered to be especially lucky and it is commonly thought to be a good stone to carry with you if you are heading to a poker game or a tax audit or anywhere else you may want Lady Luck on your side.  In fact, the powerful vibrations of Green Aventurine are said to be so lucky that one does not even need to wear it to reap lucky benefits.  Just being near it imparts good luck.  Red Aventurine is said to boost vitality, creativity and mental alertness.  It is thought to help one be more romantically creative making it a good gemstone for date night.  Blue Aventurine is thought to be helpful if you are seeking inner strength or self-discipline and may be helpful in overcoming bad habits.  So, if you are in the habit of betting too much at your friendly poker game, Blue Aventurine is the stone for you.   

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