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How Western Boots are Made

Posted by John Loudermilk from an article posted on How Products are Made on 12/26/2016
How Western Boots are made from the site How Products Are made. Gives a good overview of how Western Hand crafted boots are made.

Exotic Western Joins Social Media

Posted by John Loudermilk on 12/17/2015
Exotic Western has opened a Facebook Store and Twitter Site as a means of letting our customers know when we have specials available on our web site.

Exotic Western Mission Statement

Posted by John Loudermilk on 11/11/2015
Exotic Western's mission is to present some of the best exotic western products available today at an affordable price for our customers.

Full Quill Ostrich vs Print Ostrich

Posted by John Loudermilk on 10/29/2015

Ostrich Western Boots - one of the most desirable exotic skins western boots in the world because it is not only beautiful, it is one of the most durable skins available compared to an Ostrich Print Western Boot.

Hornback Alligator vs Caiman Crocodile

Posted by John Loudermilk on 10/23/2015

Had a call today from a customer asking about some Alligator Western Boots he had seen on our web site. His question was twofold, are the boots you are selling as Hornback Alligator on real? And second, what is the big difference between the Hornback Alligator and the Caiman Crocodile also found on your web site?

Answer to the first question is "YES" all of our Alligator Western Boots are real Alligator, the only exception to that is if they have the word "Print" in front of the Alligator, then they are leather boots with a thin layer of leather printed with an Alligator pattern to resemble the real thing, but it is not real Alligator.

Several things really set the two apart. First, Alligator is quality! It does not always show in a picture, you can't feel the difference in a picture, but in person the Alligator is much softer and has a high quality and very expensive look. The Hornback Alligator skin in addition to being softer is thicker and will hold up better. The Hornback name comes from the rough, sometimes pointed area of the back or topside of the Alligator. The belly is the underside and very smooth and makes a very formal beautiful boot. Most buyers, of Alligator choose the Hornback because it is distinctive and shows well for the owner who wants to make a statement and have a product that will wear forever.

Caiman Crocodile used in western boots for the most part come from Central or South America where they are farm grown and harvested for their skins. They are smaller in size a large Caiman is 7 feet. The size makes a difference in the pattern of the back. The Caiman Crocodile has a more concave look to the tiles and they have pock marks in the tile in addition to being smaller in size. The Caiman Crocodile skin is harder to the touch and has a different feel. You can't see this in the pictures, but when you feel them you can tell the difference. A Caiman boot is always very popular, it has a great look and is price affordable to most people.

Bottom line here is that Alligator has it all when it comes to quality and texture of the skin. Put them side by side with the Caiman Crocodile and you will see a big difference, but if they are not together the Caiman delivers a very good looking alternative. But, the gator is still king of the hill.